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Bass Guitar

Bass player

Vincent V. is a credentialed Silicon Valley composer, producer, and mixing engineer specializing in innovative sound design and genre synthesis.

Born during the emergence of synth-pop and glam-rock in the '80s, he discovered his affinity for music through '90s film and video games. This journey eventually led to admission to a prestigious Polytechnic College for Digital Audio Technology.

Instead of following conventional paths, he honed his performance craft in the Bay Area music scene, touring with various international acts to broaden his skills, experiences, and repertoire. Subsequently, he rediscovers his love for writing and producing music, aiming to combine his energetic live performance style with an innovative approach to audio engineering and production.

After receiving his BA (Hons) in 2023, he is preparing his debut EP for release in the first quarter of 2025.


Lead Singer/Guitar

Singer, Guitar player

In the local music scene, Michael has established himself as a versatile and accomplished musician. For three years, Michael served as the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Spanish rock band Korotas. Michael also took on the roles of lead guitarist and accordion player for "El Tributo," a tribute band dedicated to the renowned Spanish Rock band, Los Heroes del Silencio. His unique skills added depth and authenticity to the band's performances.

With a musical palette influenced by a wide range of genres, including rock, polka, and Mexican Norteño, Michael brings a unique fusion of sounds to his musical projects; creating memorable music for audiences to enjoy. 




Vince Feliciano started playing piano at the age of 4, which paved the way towards his work in diverse projects as both a keyboardist and bassist. His background in classical music is what informs the attention to detail and flexibility across genres that he brings to Incognito Mode. His experience includes recording bass for Arizona indie psych outfit Mikey Flores & The Enjoyers, writing horn and rhythm section arrangements for Isla Vista's aptly named MindFunk, and serving as live keyboardist for Santa Barbara rappers imKENNETHY and ali.v. He currently performs with a variety of Bay Area projects, including funk/soul/J-Pop cover band The Sound Project and R&B singer Ryma Delatorre. During the day, Vince teaches music as both an elementary school classroom teacher and a private instructor.




Juan Carlos Robles or simply ‘JC’ is a freelance drummer based in San Jose, California. JC is a solid time keeping machine who infuses the right amount of energy to every song.  After moving into the Bay Area in 2012, he’s taken part in a wide variety of musical projects ranging from already well stablished local Progressive Metal bands like: ‘Ikki Crane’, ‘Angerhead’, ‘Skinner’, and ‘Niviane’; to the international touring mandarin rock band ‘Dream Rush’, as well as the legendary Classic R&B artists ‘the Original Drifters’. JC has also been part of multiple San Jose local musical projects in the Hispanic music scene; he’s worked with well known local Bay Area Country Music artists like ‘Whiskey Pass’ and ‘the Country Cougars’.

With an innate ability to adapt to different musical styles and musical situations with ease, JC is able to infuse his own musical voice to every song ensuring a unique experience that allows his bandmates to take the music to the next level.

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